Friday, September 11, 2009

Melissa: Track for me today

Ahhh... misty, off-and-on-rainy, cool... a perfect day for tracking. Being outside in the rain always brings back fun memories of playing on rainy days with my siblings. Today I'm going to be visiting a friend who lives an hour from here in beautiful farmland, and will pass some excellent fields I've tracked in before. A great day to take Milo and enjoy an afternoon in the fields. Except...

He came up lame yesterday evening and wasn't weight-bearing at all on his left front for a few hours. I called the vet and they said to wait until this morning, then take him in if he was still off it, so I iced it last night, put him on crate rest, and leash walked him when he needed to go out. Fortunately he's walking normally this morning, but I'm going to give him at least today to rest it and heal fully from whatever was wrong. Maybe it was just a bee sting, but I don't want to push him if it was any kind of soft tissue injury, so no tracking for today. Bummer!

I'll visit my friend, walk one of my other dogs in the field, catch up on some work I need to do (there's always plenty of that), and have some quality lap time with Milo.

So please, track for me today then tell me how it goes, so I can enjoy tracking through your words.

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